What is an Active Deterrence Security Camera? 

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Do you like to place your surveillance cameras in prominent locations to optimize visibility? Or have you often wished that your surveillance cameras could alert invaders that they are being watched? Then you're in luck since Tekcart has some new Dahua Active Deterrence Security cameras. With visible and aural warnings embedded into these sensors, you'll never need to worry about burglars going unnoticed again. 

Active deterrence Cameras

However, let us first clarify your questions about active deterrence security cameras: 

Active Deterrence Security Camera 

Active Deterrence Security Cameras can use IVS or Intelligent Video Surveillance rules in conjunction with their main Active Deterrence Features. You can, for instance, use the camera's interface to design or draw motion sensors and incursion boxes that will activate the camera's active deterrent capabilities and IVS recording. 

When a burglar breaks into the property, the camera will send an alarm, notifying everyone nearby, such as on-site security officers, of the incident. Furthermore, the IP camera can capture an NVR or Hybrid DVR and act as a reactive solution. Finally, given the above ability to upload bespoke recordings, this camera might also be a welcoming note when visitors open the front door! 

How Is Active Deterrence Camera Different from Other Security Cameras? 

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, refers to security cameras and recorders. It is a good kind of security utilized on-site to record video for the safety of their staff, friends, family, and assets. As a result, CCTV is a responsive approach to robbery and break-ins. When we say responsive system, you can only watch the film from after-the-fact events as a reaction.  

Regular cameras and recorders, on their own, cannot prevent theft or break-ins because they only provide proof in various situations. So, we know that consumers get irritated when they do not have the appropriate reaction to the problem, which is why Active Deterrence exists. 

Many might suggest that having cameras of any type on-site is a method of active deterrent in and of itself. The idea is that a thief who notices that an area is being watched is less inclined to try a heist. However, in real-world settings, CCTV is frequently insufficient to deter a thief from attempting this. Furthermore, many people may be busy with the break-in and not be bothered or even see your cameras. What if a camera was a CCTV video recorder and a security system? That is precisely what Active Deterrence Cameras do! 

How does it work? 

Suppose a dog walks across the parking lot straight through the centre of your deterrence camera's field of vision. The camera will detect motion by registering the change in pixels. But, before it does anything, it will investigate what is generating the pixel change. In this example, the dog will assume the form of whatever is moving. It will match that shape to the thousands of others in its database.  

It will then categorize the moving shape as a human, vehicle, or other. The dog here will fall into the third category, and the camera will overlook the action. 

Conversely, if the camera determines that the object in motion is either a person or a vehicle, it will mark the motion as significant. This process is seen straight from the camera's web interface's live view. The green square around subjects turns red once the camera recognizes the motion as significant, as shown in the photographs and videos below. 

Dahua Active Deterrence Security Camera 

There are many benefits of the Active Deterrence Security Camera. However, the features vary. For example, let's talk about Dahua Active Deterrence Camera.  

Active deterrent surveillance cameras prevent burglary before any mishap can occur by alerting intruders to the existence of CCTV. When a perimeter event happens, the siren and lights are activated to provide a deterrent and effective intervention. 

The Dahua security camera includes several voices for you to choose from and allows customized voice importing. The turret design camera is the most popular active deterrence style, but it is also available in dome and bullet shapes. Its pixel quality can range from 4 to 8 megapixels. 

AI technology in the 4MP Bullet Camera with a built-in microphone and siren alerts you of people, animals, and intrusion, protecting you 24/7. 

So, get in touch with Tekcart and get the best Dahua security cameras for your safety! Tekcart is the best place to Find it. Love it. and buy it. 

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