CCTV Camera for Commercial Buildings

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Are you planning on installing a CCTV camera for your commercial building or looking for an efficient upgrade?   

Were you feeling confused about choosing the best camera for your business?    

Are you wondering about the different ways you can use your CCTV cameras apart from just surveillance? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, this article enlightens you with everything you need to know about CCTV cameras, choosing the right camera for your business, and getting the most out of it. 

Before getting into the technical aspect, let's understand the different ways a CCTV Surveillance camera can help your business.

5 Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Commercial Buildings 

The benefits of CCTV Cameras for commercial buildings are endless. So, here I have picked the five significant advantages that cannot miss your attention. 

24/7 Monitoring 

CCTV cameras help you monitor everything 24/7 at your workplace despite your absence. Also, it protects your employees from various fears and threats, safeguards their belongings, avoids mishaps, and helps them work peacefully.  

 CCTV cameras play a crucial role in monitoring thefts and other misfortunes in a public space with a high risk of criminal activities. Hence, they shield your safety at multiple levels 24/7. 

Being Recorded 

In addition to monitoring, you can also record everything around your business and play it back when there is a need to recall the hours.  

When something unexpected happens in your absence or if you suspect someone has entered your business's restricted area, you can go through your CCTV recording to conclude what happened at the moment or place.  

Also, these recorded events can identify and apprehend whenever there is criminal activity and can be used as crucial evidence in court during legal proceedings. 

Effortless Deterrent to Crime 

A proper CCTV camera setup in the right place shields you from potential criminal activities. In addition, being watched will create fear and reluctance within these might-be criminals and eliminate the thought of theft or vandalism.  

When you pair the CCTV Camera setup with an effective security system, including motion detectors and security alarms, the design will be the ultimate protection for your business. 

Increase your Business Productivity 

There is a lot of evidence showing that businesses with 24/7 surveillance have better productivity and employee performance than businesses without CCTV Cameras.  

A CCTV camera is an invisible supervisor who can increase your employee's performance without monthly wages. 

Safeguard your Stocks 

Most businesses experience stock losses during the after-hours, and they might even go unnoticed until they take the inventory of the available stocks; not all companies can do this every day.  

This might happen due to break-ins or mischievous theft, or your employees might get tempted to do so since there is no one to monitor their behaviour.  

Do you know that around 22% of retail losses are caused due to internal employee theft?  

A simple CCTV Camera system placed strategically over your commercial building will eliminate all this fuzz without additional effort. Remember, you need to set up your CCTV Cameras to monitor every corner of your commercial building and make it visible to others so that they know they are being watched. 

CCTV Vs IP Cameras 

When you think of installing cameras for your commercial building, you can choose CCTV or IP cameras.  

To help you make the right decision, we will brief you on what these cameras are, how they differ from one another, their pros and cons and which type of camera is more suitable for you. 

What is a CCTV Camera? 

The Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) transmits the signal for observation to a TV monitor and a recording device. This complete security system is a closed circuit and is not publicly distributed in any network.   

The CCTV Cameras are analog and have a relatively simple setup. The camera is connected to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with a coaxial cable that captures the events and videos for storage. In addition, if you have a monitor connected to the DVR, you can record the events live without interruption. 

What is an IP Camera? 

The IP cameras are called Internet Protocol Cameras. Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras can transmit video over an Ethernet network. These cameras are well-known for their high data quality and ability to transfer data wirelessly over an Ethernet network.  

The IP Cameras need to be wired to the Internet 24/7, and they are simpler to set up than the CCTV camera since they don't require any cable for setup.   

Difference between CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras 

Surveillance is the only purpose of CCTV and IP cameras. Still, these cameras have their pros and cons regarding features and specifications. So, let's look at their differences and the camera that meets your requirements: 

Setup and streaming 

The CCTV Camera setup costs double that of the IP camera setup. This is because CCTV Camera requires multiple accessories for operation, which include: 

  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for channelling the videos 

  • Transformer or connector for the power supply 

  • Monitor 

  • Switches for channels  

  • Wires for connecting all these.   

IP cameras don't need all of these. Instead, you can connect the camera to a power supply and configure the streams to receive them on your mobile phone or computer connected to the LAN or Wi-Fi network. In addition, the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology eliminates the need for cable in IP cameras.  

However, if you want to record the video, you must set up an NVR (Network Video Recorder), which might break even the cost of setting up a CCTV camera. 

Flexibility and Expansion 

The strategically placed CCTV cameras move their data to the Digital Video Recorder - DVR. Using a coaxial cable, you can view this on a digital monitor. So, if you wish to view the video remotely, you can do it by adding the DVR to the internet.  

Cables directly connect the CCTV cameras to the DVR. Therefore, if you want to expand the number of cameras, buy a new DVR. Along with more channels or expanding the number of DVRs.   

The IP cameras are simply plug-and-play devices that a 5th grader can install. The NVR receives the video footage recorded by the IP camera.

Since there is no cap on the number of cameras in an IP security system, expanding the number of cameras is simpler. But still, you can connect to the recorder. Instead, you can get a new IP camera. You can place it in the area you want to monitor, and configure it to the NVR. Because you've already installed it within the LAN or Wi-Fi network. 

Are IP Cameras Better than CCTV Cameras? 

Right now, you might be thinking, "Oh yes! IP cameras are on the brighter side than the CCTV camera; hence it is the way to go".   

Still, IP cameras have some downfalls; they risk external access. But, you can't think about recording during cases like internet drops.  

This doesn't mean that CCTV cameras are the best. On the contrary, both cameras have their advantages and disadvantages.  

If you have uninterrupted internet service at your workplace and are sure it will never go down. Sure, you can go with IP cameras. But, if you have a warehouse at a remote location with an improper internet connection you need to monitor. Or if you want to install a security system on a new construction site where you can't get an internet connection, you can go for CCTV cameras.   

The choice entirely depends on your needs and the availability of the facilities that can aid your security setup. That said, now you might wonder which camera brand is more reliable to buy. This one lasts long in hazardous climatic conditions and can give you a ton of features you can feel good about. The Answer is Dahua. 

Teckcart has been dealing with many security systems from various brands, but Dahua is the one brand we could never complain about. 

Dahua Security Cameras 

Dahua is the biggest producer of security systems in the world, and its low-light security cameras are its trademark product. Their recorders and other security devices are also bestsellers.  

Dahua offers its solutions under three different series: Ultra Series, Pro Series, and Light Series. In addition, the brand offers different types of cameras such as Dome, Bullet, IP and other types of cameras under these series.   

Apart from security cameras, Dahua also manufactures DVRs and NVRs that can process and record 4K videos without interruption. In addition, Dahua's PoE technology allows it to transfer power and data over a long distance through Ethernet and Coaxial cables.    

Suppose you want to install a High-Quality CCTV Camera system for your commercial building or if you want to upgrade those old CCTV Cameras with new high-tech IP cameras. In that case, you can choose from the comprehensive collection of Dahua security cameras and devices available on Tekcart.  

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