Best Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras to Buy Online

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Without security cameras, no security system is complete. Video surveillance and security cameras are essential for your business and home’s overall safety and security. If you don’t install a good security camera, you won’t be able to properly monitor what’s going on at your house or your workplace.

Determining which cameras are appropriate for your needs can be tough with the ever-changing technology. We’ve done the legwork for you and compared some of the best security cameras available online. This will help you determine which one best matches your needs.

The Best Security Cameras in Australia

Monitoring what’s happening outside your house and workplace with a surveillance camera can keep you safe. These smart wireless outdoor security cameras can withstand the elements to keep your home protected from the inside out.

You have enough reasons to have suitable cameras monitoring your home and business organisation these days. You’ll precisely find what you’re searching for on this list, whether you’re seeking affordability, cutting-edge technology, or a combination of the two.

Dahua Security Cameras DH-IPC-HFW5442TP

Dahua AI series is developed and designed with the most advanced AI technologies. Based on algorithms that can detect the motions of people and vehicles with speed and accuracy. As a result, the Dahua AI series can provide a variety of advanced applications such as Face Recognition, ANPR, Metadata, People Counting, traffic data statistics, and so on.

Dahua AI’s entire product portfolio comprises network (PTZ) cameras, network video recorders, servers, and platform administration solutions. Beyond just observing the world, the capability of AI enables devices to sense better and comprehend their surroundings.

Dahua’s Pro AI series includes Face Capture, Perimeter Protection, and People Counting. Meanwhile, the series incorporates starlight and intelligent IR technology. This series is completely dust-proof.

Key features:

  • 1/1.8” 4Megapixel progressive scan CMOS outdoor/indoor bullet camera.

  • The Easy4ip cloud and app allow you to monitor what is happening at home and from any location. Your app receives an alarm notification in real-time so that you won’t miss anything crucial. You can save your daily or motion recordings to the easy4ip cloud and local storage.

  • Regions of Interest (ROI) are user-defined features enabling you to access a particular area. In addition, it monitors the less critical areas.

  • The image flip function skips the unnecessary feeds, thus allowing you to reduce the storage volume.

  • Pan/Tilt - With a horizontal range of 360° and a vertical range of 90°, you can keep an eye on a wide range of views.

  • It comes with IP67 certification and can endure extreme climates. It can withstand a temperature range of -30 °C to +60 °C (-22°F to +140 °F).

Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4 Pro - Security Cameras

With the 4K resolution G4 Pro camera, you can capture every detail. This is a huge 1/2" image sensor, 3X powered optical zoom lens and integrated high-power infrared LEDs for night vision. The UniFi Protect G4 Pro is our most powerful camera ever. You can quickly fix the adjustable base to a flat surface or a pole with this supplied mounting hardware.

Key features:

  • Wireless: You need not drill as there are no cables and wall outlets. You can install wireless surveillance anywhere around your home and keep an eye on your home and family.

  • With the 4K Resolution G4 Pro Camera, you can capture every detail.

  • Installation: G4 Pro is wireless and installing the camera is very easy. Due to its flexible system, you can easily install the G4 Pro Camera on a wall, ceiling, or pole.

  • The wide-aperture lens, large image sensor, and high-power LEDs provide excellent clarity and low-light performance.

  • Weatherproof Enclosure: With IP67 certification, you can rest assured that your cameras will last even during the worst Australian summers.

  • Built-in Microphone

  • Powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Managed with UniFi Protect Application

EZVIZ C3W Pro 4MP Security Cameras

Ezviz has made its name known as one of the global leaders in home security. EEzviz’s C3W Pro with upgraded colour night vision camera combines the AI system. This gives a person recognition and more precise warnings even in complete darkness. In addition, you can use the EZVIZ app on your mobile phone to hold two-way discussions with visitors wherever you are.

Key features:

  • CW3 can cover more ground and captures more details. This 4MP outdoor camera allows you to stream videos and images in a resolution higher than 1080p, making it ideal for the yard or hallways.

  • Thanks to the two built-in lighting and superior optical lenses. You can illuminate and restore your night vision to full colour. So sophisticated that you can instantly discern even the minute details.

  • C3W comes with two spotlights that enable coloured images at night. Also, they provide outdoor illumination that you can adjust the brightness as needed.

  • If you don’t need more lighting, simply turn the camera to black-and-white night vision using the EZVIZ App, and you’ll be able to see 30 metres (98 ft.) away. A third-night vision mode turns on the spotlights automatically when it detects suspicious motion. Hence, you find alerts and remote look-ins in full colour.

  • In addition to the camera’s basic alarm noises, you may record three 10-second audio messages to greet or repel visitors, like you can record a welcome message for your guests and a warning message for intruders in a creative way.

  • The C3W Color Night Vision camera features an Active Defense function designed to provide peace of mind. When the camera detects an intruder, it sends a loud alarm and flashes two lamps to scare them away.

  • The C3W Pro camera includes a high-fidelity speaker and a microphone with an ultra-long pickup range, allowing you to hear louder and clearer.

TP-Link Tapo C310 (IP Security Cameras)

Good home security does not have to be expensive. TP-Link has bundled plenty of useful features into its Tapo C310 camera while keeping the price under $100, making it the best cost-efficient security camera accessible to Australian consumers.

Key features:

  • Pan/Tilt - With a horizontal range of 360° and a vertical range of 114°, you can see a wide range of views.

  • High-Definition Video - The C310 records every detail in 3MP clarity. See what’s going on around the clock and ensure the safety of your children and home.

  • Advanced Night Vision - Tapo keeps an eye on your house and your children even at night. Tapo’s advanced infrared night vision allows him to see up to 98 feet in total darkness.

Motion Detection and Notifications - Keep your family and house safe by installing a camera near the front door, garage, or basement. Receive updates on your phone when your camera detects activity and activates light and sound alarms to frighten away intruders.

  • Local Storage - To save subscription fees for cloud storage, you can keep your recordings on a Micro SD card. The C310 can support up to 128 GB Micro SD cards (384 hours/16 days of recording). (A microSD card is not included).

  • While you’re away with two-way audio, check in on your house and pets. You can also deter burglars from entering your home with live two-way audio.

  • Sound and Light Alarm System - Trigger sound and light to frighten away unwanted visitors.

  • Share Every Memorable Moment - It is essential to share memorable experiences with loved ones. With a few taps, you may send amusing or hilarious recorded footage.

 TP-Link TC65 Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera is similar to C310 and available at $100 is also an option for you to consider for complete home protection.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Cameras

The Nest Cam is battery-powered and you can use it outside or inside. It can distinguish between people and cars, allowing you to receive only the relevant warnings. You can listen to and speak through the camera from the Google Home app.

If something happens, you can check in with a 24/7 live view; it includes 3 hours of event video history to go back and check what happened. Its installation is relatively easy since there are no outlets or wires required.

Key features:

  • 24/7 live video: A 130-degree image of your property in 1080P HD is displayed 24/7.

  • Weatherproof: The camera wires and adapter are all weatherproof.

  • Clear as day even at night: Night vision illuminates the whole scene evenly. Check who’s at the door and talk back to get their attention.

  • Alerts on your phone: Get activity alerts so you know if anything happens while you’re away

  • Install it yourself: Install yourself and point it anywhere with the unique magnetic mount. No hub required.

  • This Google Product features the Google Seal for Online Marketplace when purchased from a seller other than

Arlo Essential Spotlight Security Cameras

Arlo Essential monitors your home with 1080p HD clarity while you’re away. Install the wire-free, weather-resistant camera anyplace, indoors or out. Turn on the camera using the rechargeable battery or plug it in if used indoors to access activity zones and 24/7 Continuous Video Recording upgrades. Arlo Essential can be linked with Amazon Alexa to make your smart home security even more simple and effective.

Key features:

  • Arlo Pro 2 is a wireless security camera system that means no wiring hassles during installation.

  • The camera can be charged using the rechargeable battery or plug it into a power socket when indoors. You can also connect it to the Arlo Solar Panel (sold separately).

  • Stop crime before it occurs with a siren that can be controlled remotely or when motion or sound is detected.

  • Arlo Pro 2 is weather-resistant and can brave rain, sun, heat and cold while monitoring your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • 7 Days of Free Cloud Recordings - Arlo Pro offers a 7-day free cloud recording subscription. For up to 7 days, you may view lively or watch recorded video and audio.

Ring’s Stick-Up Cam Battery

Though Ring, owned by Amazon, is well known for its doorbell cameras, it also sells indoor and outdoor cameras. In addition, Ring offers a wide selection of security cameras, including wireless and hardwired types, all at reasonable costs.

With the adaptable Stick-Up Cam Battery, you can add security indoors or outdoors. Its wire-free design lets you place it wherever you want and reposition it as needed. For example, it can be placed on a flat surface or mounted to a wall for a more permanent option. Also, the Stick-Up Cam Battery will constantly link you to your home, so you can view what’s going on at any time.

Key features:

  • Battery Power: The rechargeable battery pack allows you to charge your Stick-Up Cam without moving it.

  • Adjustable motion detection: Motion Detection can be adjusted to find the ideal setting for your home.

  • Linked devices: Connect the app to your entire Ring devices to manage your entire home security system from your phone, tablet, or Echo device.

  • Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately): Videos obtained by your Ring device will be recorded and saved to your Ring account for up to 30 days if you have a Ring Protect Plan so that you can review them at any time. Ring Protect comes with a free 30-day trial; following the trial, Ring Protect subscriptions start at just $4 per month.

  • Includes Two-Way Talk with noise cancellation.

D-Link Indoor Outdoor Security Cameras

This D-Link Australia Full HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Spotlight Camera provides security even at night and has a wide-angle lens to maximise the viewing area. This camera functions as a Smart Home Hub, allowing you to see your footage in real-time and sending alerts whenever needed.

Your camera can distinguish between human and non-human actions, and you will receive fewer meaningless notifications. It offers a 1920 x 1080p display resolution.

Key features:

  • 400-lumen spotlight lets you see in colour at night.

  • 1080p Full HD at 30 frames per second recording.

  • It comes with IP65 certification. You can use it indoors or outdoors under any weather condition.

  • Edge-based person detection sensors intelligently identify human motion.

  • When the glass breaks, the glass break detection triggers a reaction to the sound.

  • It has Two-Way audio to transmit and receive audio with a built-in microphone and speaker.

  • Supports ONVIF for continuous recording with compatible NVR, VMS or NAS.

  • Its built-in smart home hub allows receiving alerts. It triggers action from other mydlink Smart DIY devices, allowing it to serve as the central hub for complete connected security and smart home solution.

Reolink Argus 3 Pro

You can use your voice to control the Reolink Argus. Use the voice command to display the live feed on Alexa or Echo devices. This camera acts as a Home Automation Hub, allowing you to see your footage in real-time and issue alarms when necessary.

This surveillance camera can not only record motion-triggered events to a 128GB SD card, but it can also record movies constantly when linked to a Reolink NVR. For cloud storage, you can opt for Reolink Cloud Service. They provide a free 7-day basic subscription for saving videos online.

Key Features:

  • 2.4/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi: The Reolink Argus 3 Pro supports not only 2.4GHz Wi-Fi but also 5GHz Wi-Fi, providing a variety of Wi-Fi connection possibilities.

  • 2K QHD Video Resolution: View and record videos in sharp detail. Reolink Argus will not overlook details.

  • Person/Vehicle Detection: This camera can distinguish between people and cars using clever motion detection technology. So, it does not send any false alarms.

  • Brilliant Motion Spotlight: Argus 3 illuminates your yard and records in colour when triggered by motion. It also serves as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

  • Wire-free Solar-powered: Install this wireless camera wherever you want. With several mount attachments provided and IP65 certification, it's simple to use outside.

Anker Eufy Cam Wire-Free HD Security Cameras

The Eufy Cam from Anker includes almost everything you could want in a wireless security camera, with a long-lasting battery and no wires to get in the way. The Eufy Cam’s key selling point is its no-wires experience. Hence, you can install the cameras anywhere you deem fit. Of course, plug in the Homebase system wherever there is a free outlet, and your product is installed.

Key features:

  • Wireless Surveillance Freedom: Eufy Cam is designed to offer the best “wireless” experience so that you can install the camera anywhere of your choice.

  • Unrivalled battery life: Eufy Cam battery has the power to run for 365 days per charge when actively monitoring your front door or driveway.

  • Use your smartphone to view high-resolution live streaming of what Eufy Cam sees in real-time, and warn trespassers that they are being recorded.

  • Integrated with 3rd-Party Apps: Eufy Cam works with almost all the third-party apps like Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, and IFTTT, allowing easy control and view of your camera surveillance.

  • IP-67 Weatherproof: Eufy Cam has been constructed from cutting-edge ASA composite material; Eufy Cam works ideally in the rain, freezing -20°C (-4°F) winters, or scorching 50°C (122°F) summers.

  • Night Vision Enabled: Embedded with Sony’s Exmor sensor and combined with a large f2.2 aperture, Eufy Cam provides crisp and clear low-light video in the evening.

  • Excellent Optics: The 140° wide-angle lens gives a panoramic view from your driveway to your front door, with no gaps.

  • Face-Recognizing Alert: Face recognition technology recognises and records the most important events while eliminating unnecessary alerts and reducing the level of false alarms.

  • Military-Grade Security & Anti-Theft Alarm: Accessing your footage involves inserting the micro SD card into—and logging into—the HomeBase where it’s registered. Suppose the always-active accelerometer detects Eufy Cam being forcibly removed. In that case, a 100-decibel alarm with the loudness of jackhammer blasts.


We need a home security system, and it is pretty simple: installing a CCTV camera gives you peace of mind knowing that your family and house are safe, whether you are at home or on the road.

(Product name) secures you from robbery, vandalism, fires, and other risks. When you are away, you know that your alarm system will notify the authorities if there is a problem at your residence.

While adding video surveillance to a security system may raise its cost, many budget-friendly security cameras are available online to fit any budget practically.

So rather than losing thousands of dollars due to a lack of knowledge in surveillance systems. It is advisable to get yourself the "Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera System" for your household and businesses to help reduce losses due to theft or vandalism.