How can a Doorbell Camera Keep You Safe?  

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The methods we use to secure our houses may evolve, but the intentions remain the same. Home security is vital to many homeowners across the country, whether you want security while you rest or peace of mind while you're away from your near and dear ones. A doorbell Camera is the best choice.

You might have a smartphone, a smart TV, and a smartwatch. So, it was only a question of time until your doorbell became smart too. Much to the sorrow of mischievous kids worldwide, these gadgets have pulled all of the joy out of their neighbourhood ding-dong-run pranks.   

Technology now provides you with the superpower of X-ray sight by enabling you to see and engage with whoever is outside your front doorstep from the safety of your chair or even miles and miles away on a tropical holiday using your tablet or smartphone.  

Maybe it's an opportunity ringing, an irritating salesman, or a shady stranger; you can now determine whether or not to open the door without even getting closer to it.  

While home security cameras, sensors, and cameras remain popular methods of guarding our loved ones, doorbell cameras are the most recent advancement in checking and securing your house. Smart doorbells can be excellent, simple-to-install, cost-effective solutions for nearly every homeowner.  

Benefits of Doorbell Security Camera  

Smart doorbells with cameras, motion detectors, and surveillance camera technologies directly link to a cloud-based app — accessible via your laptop or smartphone — to keep you updated on what's happening outside your door.  

Apart from ease, it provides an additional sense of protection that can assist in keeping your family secure. After all, practically every intruder knocks or rings the doorbell before busting in.  

So, let us go through some of the benefits that a Doorbell security camera can provide:   

Check to See Who's at Your Door  

The HD cameras on digital doorbells help recognize and watch visitors on your mobile device without reaching your door. This reduces the possibility of intimate contact with a harmful person or stranger.  

Most doorbell cameras use infrared technology to recognize people even when it is dark. This increased comfort makes life easier and more convenient for the entire family.  

Functions as a Surveillance System  

The camera-recording feature activates automatically when the motion detectors on smart doorbells are triggered. As a result, the doorbell can immediately notify you about movement at your front door, and you can view it from anywhere using your phone.  

The videos can be stored and preserved if you need to reference them later. This implies you can stress less about your home's security when you're away on excursions or holidays, considering that a smart doorbell allows you to monitor what's happening around your house.  

Warn Burglars or Intruders  

Potential thieves who see a doorbell with a camera are much less likely to pursue your home as a target since they know they are being monitored and documented. In addition, smart doorbell systems give an added level of security, making you feel more at ease in your home.  

Protect Your Home with Ubiquiti Trusted Technology  

Aside from these numerous advantages, studies have shown that installing a smart doorbell in your house can raise its value and even cut your homeowner's insurance price. Homebuyers are increasingly opting for properties with security modifications, and insurers offer discounts to owners installing these security gadgets.  

Suppose you're looking for that added sense of security and comfort that smart doorbells provide. In that case, Tekcart brings a Ubiquiti unifi to protect the g4 doorbell and an outdoor home security camera from meeting your needs.  

Ubiquiti UniFi Doorbell Starter Kit  

Ubiquiti home security systems will keep your family safe. For example, Ubiquiti's unifi protect doorbell cameras have safeguarded families like yours for several years. So, when you buy a Ubiquiti smart doorbell security kit, you're getting one of the best doorbell cameras with NVR and HDD for your family, with some of the most revolutionary and secure features on the market.  


UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell is a real-time Wi-Fi video doorbell with an integrated display and two-way audio communication.  

The camera has a high-quality 5MP sensor and improved night vision. Image streams can be watched at up to 1600x1200 (2MP) resolution at 30 frames per second. In addition, a PIR sensor is included with the UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell for immediate motion detection notifications. The integration with UniFi Protect provides a user-friendly interface.  

Remote monitoring is possible with the UniFi Protect app for iOS and Android. In addition, the unit is protected against severe weather by an IPX4-rated enclosure.  


  • Ambarella SoC processor  

  • Built-in display  

  • Built-in IR LED illumination and IR cut filter  

  • PIR sensor  

  • H.264 video codec  

  • Built-in microphone and speaker  

  • UniFi Protect for iOS and Android  

  • Factory reset button  

  • LED indicators  

  • Mounts included  

  • FCC, IC, and CE certified  

Final Thoughts  

Smart doorbells are becoming increasingly popular as safety measures for protecting children from strangers and other hazards. However, they have other uses besides assisting you in deciding how to treat guests at your door.  

Smart doorbell cameras can be excellent home surveillance equipment, acting not only as a doorbell to inform you when someone is outside but also as a video and, in some cases, audio monitoring system. In addition, these doorbells enable you to engage with visitors via various mobile apps and devices without ever opening your door.  

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