CCTV and Surveillance camera provider in Australia 

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Don't let crimes go unnoticed. Prevent it before it happens. Keep a watchful eye on your area with surveillance cameras. The eyes that never sleep. A security that never takes a break. Stay alert, and stay safe with surveillance cameras. They are the watchful eyes that protect your space. They see everything and miss nothing. Prevent the unexpected with these little cameras. CCTVs are your partners in what matters most—securing your world 24/7. With our smart CCTV cameras, you can enjoy peace of mind at your fingertips. 

Keep intruders at bay with surveillance cameras. They are your loyal and silent protector. So, stay one step ahead of the game with CCTV security cameras. Your security should be the priority. See beyond the obvious with CCTV cameras. After all, CCTVs are the smart choices for smart security.  

Why are CCTV and Surveillance cameras necessary? 

CCTV and surveillance cameras play a vital role in ensuring public safety and security, which is why they continue to be necessary even today. 

Crime Prevention 

With increasing crime rates, CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent to potential criminals and help prevent crimes from happening. 

Evidence in Legal Proceedings 

Surveillance cameras can provide critical evidence in legal proceedings such as theft, assault, and vandalism. In addition, the footage from CCTV cameras can help to identify and prosecute criminals. 

Monitoring Public Space 

CCTV cameras are often utilized to monitor public spaces, such as streets, parks, and other areas. This can help authorities identify potential safety risks and respond quickly to emergencies. 

Security in a Private Place 

Surveillance cameras can also provide security in private places such as homes, offices, and schools. By monitoring these spaces, people can protect themselves from crimes and intruders.  

Remote Monitoring 

With technological advancements, CCTV cameras can be monitored remotely from anywhere worldwide, giving people peace of mind that their properties are being watched even when they are not physically present. 

Reduces Insurance Cost 

CCTV and surveillance cameras can reduce your insurance cost, as it shows an effort to mitigate risk. 

Protects Your Business Reputation 

A well-placed CCTV and surveillance system can protect your business reputation by preventing and detecting workplace harassment and bullying, leading to a safer, positive work environment.  

As technologies advance, CCTV and surveillance camera systems will become increasingly sophisticated, ensuring that your investment will continue to protect for years. 

List of the Best CCTV and Surveillance Cameras in 2023 

Swann Security Cameras 

Swann security cameras have established itself as one of the leading brands in the industry. Their range of CCTV security systems includes wired and wireless cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and other accessories. 


  • Affordable and user friendly 

  • A wide range of camera models is available 

  • Remote viewing via a smartphone app 

  • Easy to install and set up 


  • Some models may have limited features 

  • Lower-quality imaging compared to other high-end brands 

Bosch Security Systems 

Bosch Security Systems is a trusted brand in the security industry and offers a range of CCTV cameras, recording solutions, and software to meet the needs of various applications. They focus on delivering high-quality, easy-to-install, and operate surveillance solutions. 


  • High-quality imaging and advanced features like WDR and thermal imaging 

  • Advanced analytics and AI-powered algorithms 

  • Robust and durable design for outdoor use 

  • Wide range of camera models, from entry-level to high-end models 


  • Expensive compared to some other brands 

  • Complex to install and set up for non-technical users 

Dahua Technology 

Dahua is a global leader in providing security solutions for commercial and residential applications. They offer a range of network cameras, recorders, and software that cater to different needs and budgets. 


  • Affordable pricing with high-quality imaging 

  • Wide range of camera models with advanced analytic features WDR and face recognition 

  • User-friendly mobile app for remote viewing 


  • Security concerns 

  • Limited availability in Australia compared to other brands 


Hikvision is another global leader in security solutions, offering a range of CCTV cameras, recorders and software. Their products are widely used in government institutions and public places like airports and train stations. 


  • High-quality imaging with features such as HD resolution and a wide dynamic range 

  • Advanced analytics and AI-powered features 

  • Remotely accessible and easy to install 

  • Wide range of camera models to choose from 


  • Some of the models can be expensive 

  • Security concerns 

Hanwha Techwin 

They offer a range of high-quality CCTV cameras with advanced technology and sophisticated design. Their products suit various applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial settings. 


  • High-resolution imaging with advanced features such as WDR and video analytics 

  • Easy to install and user-friendly interface 

  • A wide range of camera models, including outdoor and indoor options 

  • Offers advanced storage options and intuitive search functions 


  • It can be pricey compared to other brands in the market 

  • Some models may not offer the same advanced or high-end features compared to other brands 

  • Security concerns 

  • Limited availability and support in certain regions 

What to look for in CCTV and Surveillance cameras while buying? 

While buying cameras, remember that they are a long-lasting investment. Hence it is important to take note of these primary features so that you can reap the benefits of the investments. 

Field of View 

The field view refers to the area the camera can capture. For example, select a CCTV camera with a wide-angle lens to monitor a large area or a zoom lens if you need to focus on small details.  

Camera Placement 

Consider where you want to place the cameras. Indoors may have different features compared to outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras should be weatherproof with features that protect them from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.   


Consider what kind of storage the cameras offer. Some cameras have built-in storage, while others require an external device like a microSD card or a DVR/NVR system. 

Remote Viewing 

Look for cameras that offer remote viewing options. This allows you to monitor your camera from anywhere worldwide using a smartphone app or computer. 


Some cameras come equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, which can be helpful for two-way communication or to pick up audio during any incidents. 


Consider your budget and the cost of the cameras. Remember, those higher-priced cameras may offer better quality and more advanced features, but balancing your budget with your surveillance is important. 

Brand Reputation 

It is important to research the brand's reputation for security cameras. Choose a reputable brand with a history of producing quality products and customer support. 

Camera Resolution 

High-resolution cameras produce videos with clearer and sharper images which are easier to identify in case of an incident. 

Lowlight Performance 

Look for cameras with good low-light performance, which can capture better images even in lowlight conditions. 

Who are the Best CCTV and Surveillance camera providers in Australia? 

We work with top manufacturers to provide a range of CCTV cameras, video management software, and other surveillance equipment to ensure that our customers can enjoy peace of mind by having a secure environment. Tekcart offers a wide range of high-quality CCTV cameras and surveillance systems for residential and commercial applications. Their products include IP cameras, HD cameras, and network video recorders designed to meet customers' diverse needs. What sets Tekcart apart is its team of experienced technicians dedicated to providing exceptional customer service throughout the installation and maintenance process.