Tekcart’s Office Headsets For Meetings, Gaming & Online Teaching

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Whether it is for watching your choice movie, an office meeting, teaching online, or playing games, an appropriate headset that captures each minute sound effect detailing is what your search should end at. An ideal headset should have the following primary qualities. Make sure you make a note of them while you buy one:

  • User friendly  

  • Durability  

  • Effective sound quality  

  • A high-fidelity microphone  

  • Affordable 

Why Tekcart's headsets?

For those who are only music enthusiasts, a headset without a microphone can be a perfect choice. With numerous options available, from headphones with a mic to usb headphones, you must not be left out with bad audio quality. It can be difficult for you to locate the right one. That is why we suggest some good-quality headsets for Officeworks. Check our guide to the best headset for your personal computer. 

Why Tekcart?

If you are hunting for some of the best products with minimal pricing, the answer will be Tekcart. Why go with Tekcart? We have an array of products that people choose. You name it, and you will have it right there. 

Just not that, here are some of the profits of choosing Tekcart over others:

  • We offer a discount on the original price for chosen products.

  • Running short of money? Here’s our after-pay option for you! 

  • We come with Wiz Pay options, too. Buy now, pay us later

  • We provide shipping across Australia through courier, Australia Post eParcel services. For other delivery queries.

  • We offer to resolve the problem as fast as possible if the product purchased from Tekcart is faulty. Suppose the product you return is Tekcart built; we will offer you repair/exchange/store credit with the value of the product.

  • Tekcart warrants every good sold, excluding OEM keyboards, mouse, and consumables, for twelve months. 

  • Reaching laptops or desktops to purchase online can be a daunting task. Enjoy your shopping with just one click on your mobile. We are one step closer to you; download our app.

So, why wait? Check out our website for the best range of products. 

Why Tekcart's Headsets Are Best For Office Meetings

Tekcart offers headsets with cool features that suit the purpose of official meetings. You can either do your office work with wireless headphones or headset wireless. Let’s check out the following:

Comfortable: If you are a person who is always in meetings, you can do your office work with a headset. Our wide variety of EPOS headsets is the right choice for you. It is suitable for a full day’s wearing with perfect adjustment and a comfortable style.

Why Tekcart's office headsets are best for online meetings

Intuitive User Interface: You can mute the headset mic and adjust the volume up/down.

Ultra Noise Cancelling: Work-from-home has become the new normal with the pandemic. So, you can do your office works with headsets. An ultra noise cancelling feature helps to filter out unwanted background noise. 

Total Workday Talk Time: While you perform office works with a headset, you require a headset with a microphone that lasts longer. The best talk time is 8 hours - wideband sound mode and 12 hours - narrowband sound mode.

Fast charging: With back-to-back calls, your headset may have a low battery. However, you need not worry. The EPOS microphone with a headset from Tekcart comes with a fast charging feature. In just 20 minutes, 50% will get charged, which will take 4 hours of talk time.

Long Distance Wireless Range: EPOS wireless headset with mic from Tekcart is the best headset for Officeworks. Go wireless with a wireless headset up to 55 m in a typical office setup, up to 180 m in line of sight.

Deskphone and Softphone: With the desk phone facility, you can switch your headphones and headsets from one communication channel to the other, and one touch on the base station to choose the channel you wish to call from.

Intuitive and Easy Pairing: With easy pairing, you can desk share and make phone conferencing.

For Gamers

A perfect headphone makes all the difference while playing games on a PC. Treat your ears with the best gaming headset for pc from Tekcart and get immersed into the world of games. The PC headsets from Tekcart consist of the following features:

Enhanced Digital Sound Processing: Digital sound processing gives you a great gaming experience.

Enhance the sound of your life with Tekcart headsets

Flexibility: A headset that children and adults can use with a flexible headband with soft leatherette padding and a two-in-one ear pad style.  

Audio Qualities: The EPOS headset comes with features that offer effective wideband audio and stereo sounds.

For Online Teaching

With the new normal worldwide, online teaching has come to the spotlight. Don't worry. With Tekcart’s wide range of headsets, there is a headset to cater for every need. Here are some of the features that are suitable for online teaching:

Long Lasting Talk Time: The EPOS headset from Tekcart provides talk time for up to 27 hours. You can now engage in back-to-back classes without having to worry about charging.

Compatible for PC and Mobile: The EPOS headset is compatible with both for PC and your mobile phone.

Noise Cancelling Microphone: The most needed option for post-pandemic work culture, noise cancelling microphones give perfect voice clarity.

Easy to carry: It weighs just 120.7 grams. So you won’t feel pain while wearing an entire day.

Comfort: At the end of the day, you need a gadget that is comfortable and easy to handle. 

Enhance The Sound Of Your Life With Tekcart's Active Noise Cancelling Headsets

Yes, you read it right! An Active Noise Cancellation reduces unwanted background noise. The good news is Tekcart has an array of headsets with ANC. 

Features Of Tekcart's Headsets

We sell headsets with some of the best features to cater to your requirements. Be it for your office meetings, online teaching or gaming. Why choose headsets from Tekcart? Let’s scroll down to know more:

  • Wireless headsets with microphone

  • USB headsets

  • Fast charging

  • Noise cancelling microphones

  • ActiveGard™ technology guards your ears against acoustic shock and sudden sound surges.  

  • Compatible with desk phones as well as a personal computer  

  • Talk time – 12 hours (narrowband mode), 8 hours (wideband sound mode)  

  • Fast charging  

  • It comes in two types – headphones with microphone and headset with mic style  

  • A prime HD voice clarity.  

  • Standby time – 100 hours  

  • Warranty – 2 years  

  • Optimal use – Very noisy office, noisy office and quiet office   

  • Adjustable volume and mute mic  

  • Microphone frequency response: 150 – 6800 hertz  

  • Speaker frequency response: 150 – 6800 hertz

Tekcart Headsets List

Here’s a list of Officeworks headsets from Tekcart. We have USB headsets for Officeworks, wireless headsets with microphones, pc headsets, Bluetooth headsets with mics and headsets with microphones available. Grab one that best suits you!

1. EPOS Adapt 261 Dual Bluetooth Headset - Tekcart

2. EPOS Senheisser IMPACT D10 Phone AUS II Premium - Tekcart

3. EPOS Sennheiser DW Pro 2 - DECT Wireless Office headset - Tekcart

4. EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT D30 Phone Dual Wireless Headset - Tekcart

5. EPOS Sennheiser Impact DECT Wireless Office Monoaural Headset - Tekcart

6. EPOS Sennheiser Wide Band Binaural Headset With Noise Cancelling Mic - Tekcart

7. EPOS Sennheiser IMPACT Mono USB Headset - Tekcart

The Bottom Line

After reading through this blog, you will now know what you need. Always choose a headset that suits your lifestyle, is durable and finally pocket friendly. Ideally, a headset with ANC is suggested by us for superior performance. Ultimately, be it headsets for office work or online teaching, sound quality and clarity are the primary features you should look for.